Whether your company seeks to share an operating solution and premises, or you would prefer premises of your own with highly automated operations, E-City provides a platform for growth. Our vision is to create a complete e-commerce cluster that meets all the needs of digital commerce players. This holistic approach makes E-city Engelholm completely unique and provides significant coordination gains for the actors operating there.

Location is crucial for e-commerce logistics. E-city Engelholm is a place where all requirements are met with good proximity to all major modes of transportation. The E6/E20 is directly adjacent and the E4 within a few kilometers. Trains, shipping and flights are also within reach. For our tenants, it is also always important that there are skills and labor in the local area and an otherwise vital business community that they can grow together with - all this is offered by the city of Ängelholm.

With players representing the trading of the future, we naturally apply energy-efficient thinking throughout the project – and we should, of course, also be at the forefront when it comes to sustainable solutions.


Area: E-City Engelholm
Municipality: Municipality of Ängelholm
Communications: E6 and E4 motorways
Status: Completed (Carepa)

New logistics facility for Carepa

Catena is building a new logistics facility for Carepa - a fast-growing supplier of consumables.

The new facility will be approximately 7,000 square meters in size. We are building the Norra Varalöv 31:11 property adjacent to Carepa's current premises, which Catena also owns and manages. Our goal is to at least certify the facility according to BREEAM Very Good and to prepare the roof for a photovoltaic system. We have signed an 8-year contract with Carepa.

We will start construction in Q3 2022 with planned occupancy in Q3 2023.

Press release 19 October 2022.

Presss Carepa

Former extensions for Boozt at the area

Already located here is Boozt Fashion, which sells clothes via its e-commerce platform and has a large market mainly concentrated in the Nordic region. The first facility built on the site for Boozt was supplemented in 2020 with another facility of 22,800 sqm. The picture shows the bridge that connects the existing part with the new construction.

Subsequently, a further extension of 2,200 sqm was initiated, which connects the two buildings and forms an efficient loading and unloading terminal. In connection with the extension. The entire building is environmentally certified according to Miljöbyggnad Silver.

Would you be interested in establishing operations here?

You are welcome to contact us to talk about opportunities in this area and in the region.