The Swedish Green Building Council is an interest organization that develops and impacts the buildings in a sustainable way. Members of the organization are companies and organizations that want to create better buildings and places.

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Catena's ambitions

Through certification of buildnings and as a member of the Swedish Green Building Council, Catena contributes to knowledge acquisition and development of methods for more sustainable logistics buildings. At the same time, Catena is increasing its internal knowledge of the subject by means of networks and training courses organized by SGBC.

BREEAM-SE is an environmental certification system from the UK, established 1990. It is the most widespread environmental certification in Europe and has been used in over 500,000 buildings worldwide. The certification sets strict requirements, which create a property that contributes to a better environment and which also is a better investment. With a BREEAM-SE certification, a property can be internationally compared and both international and Swedish investors believe that the certification generates a higher value.