Our business model is driven by the vision to link Scandinavia's cargo flows. Through property development and active management we create a strong cash flow that enables both good return for the owners and further development of operations. Our business concept is that we shall sustainably and through collaboration develop and durably manage efficient logistics facilities that supply the Scandinavian metropolitan areas.

We link Scandinavia’s cargo flows. 

Catena's vision 

Cargo flows to and from Scandinavia today use sea, air, rail and road, separately or combined, to collect and store goods at selected logistics points. At these locations, from which the metropolitan regions of Scandinavia can also easily be reached, Catena continues to develop modern and well-suited logistics facilities. In Sweden, with its substantial distances and considerable dependency on exports, the efficiency of transportation is an important factor for companies' profitability. At the same time, the challenges faced in terms of climate change impose stricter new demands on reducing environmental impact. We offer efficient premises solutions along green corridors adjacent to key transport routes and hubs. This provides both cost and environmental benefits.

Our day-to-day work is based on four strategic horizons

In order to fulfill our vision and financial goals, our management and Board have defined four strategic areas: property development, financing, sustainability and markets.

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At any given time and conditional upon an internal finance policy, we aim to ensure long- and short term financing at lowest possible cost.

Why choose Catena?

Catena is always taking a long-term responsibility. At the same time, we strive for flexibility and speed. We are always one step ahead in order to understand trends, challenges and new nodes emerging in the field of logistics. Catena's operations are characterized by a strong set of values ​​that show how to achieve results. As an employee, tenant, partner or investor, we want you to feel that you know what Catena stands for and how we work.

As an investment, Catena is interesting for several reasons. Read more about Catena in our investment story.