Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that the website saves on your computer. Cookies are usually used to enhance the experience of the website and to adapt it to your choices.

General information

Our cookie policy defines how Catena AB uses cookies on this website.

The website (www.catena.se and www.catenafastigheter.com) is administered and operated by Catena AB, Landskronavägen 23, 252 32, Helsingborg, Sweden. Catena AB reserves the right to change (parts of) the policy at any time and without notice. Therefore, it is recommended that you review the policy at regular intervals.

By accepting the use of cookies, you allow a more tailored user experience. In the majority of cases, the cookie does not provide us with any personal information linked to you. To see how we handle personal data, visit our personal data policy.

Use of cookies on Catena's website

We use cookies, and occasionally other online tools such as pixels, to create an improved user experience. By using our website, you agree to the use of the type of identifying techniques that we may use from time to time.

About cookies

A cookie is a data element that saves information in your browser or device during your visit to our website. Cookies are used on many websites to enable users to access various functions. Some cookies are necessary for specific services and functions to work, while others coordinate and tailor information when you revisit a website. Some cookies are used to collect statistical information to improve the user experience.

You can call a cookie an electronic business card that the web server sends to your hard drive when you visit a website. The next time you browse to the same website, the server will find the cookie and recognize you. Text cookies do not contain any information about your name or other personal information. A cookie is just a text file and does not harm your computer in any way. A website can only read a cookie it created itself.

Some cookies are temporary and are deleted after you close your browser while others are persistent and stored on your computer or device for a certain period of time. See which cookies we use on catenafastigheter.com below.

What cookies we may use:

Required cookies
Enables functionality on the website that otherwise could not be used without the cookie. Examples of such functionality are adjusting the amount of data volume in relation to your current internet connection, language settings and maintaining security on the website. Necessary cookies can not be blocked without blocking functionality on the website. Necessary cookies are usually set in response to your actions on the website, for example when you fill out a form or log in.

Persisting cookies
Stored in your browser for a certain time after the session has ended (unless they are manually deleted by you).

First and third party cookies
First-party cookies refer to cookies that are set by the domain site the user visits, e.g. catenafastigheter.com, while third-party cookies are a type of cookie that is placed by a domain other than the website you visit.

Session cookies
The type of cookies that are stored in your browser or device during the current session and are usually deleted after the session ends or when your browser closes.

Technical cookies
Refers to cookies used to perform website analyzes and to improve performance and functionality. Usually, the information collected at the aggregate level is used, but sometimes information about what content the user visited can be used to understand and adapt the content to the visitor's preferences.

Functional cookies
Enables improvements to website functionality and to meet personal preferences.

Text cookies
A small file that allows web pages to recognize you on return visits.

Deletion and blocking of cookies

You can, in your browser, block the use of cookies. When you block all cookies in your browser, it can affect the functionality of the website. To block cookies in your browser, follow the instructions in the link below:

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