Responsible corporate governance inspires trust. All business decisions at Catena must be justifiable from a financial and ethical perspective. Through transparency and availability, we provide our shareholders and other stakeholders with insight into decision paths, responsibility, powers and control systems. The information we provide must be correct, reliable and up to date.

The Code

Catena AB applies to the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance (the”Code”) since July 1, 2008. The Code contains a number of rules and guidelines that in many cases go further than what the law requires. A company that is bound to apply the Code, like Catena AB, may deviate from individual rules, but any deviation must be explained under the principle “comply or explain”.

The Corporate Governance Report provides an overview of how the Code has been applied during the financial year and any deviations that have been made.


The basis of internal control is the control environment in which the work of the Board and executive management is set. The Board has adopted a number of important policies and basic guidelines that are important for internal control programmes – go to list of some of our policys.

Catena also works on the basis of various memberships, frameworks and certification programs when it comes to ESG. 

Catena’s internal control structure is based on a clear division of responsibility and work between the Board and CEO, as well as within operational activities. Operational activities include business control and business planning processes. Examples of these include tools for monitoring operations, preparations ahead of the purchase and sale of properties/companies, and underlying data for property valuations. Control activities are performed at the individual property level in the form of current results and investment monitoring and, at the overall level, in the form of results analysis at the area level, analysis of key data and reviews of the Group’s legal structure. In order to prevent and detect errors and deviations, there are, for example, systems for attestation rights, reconciliations, approval and reporting of business transactions, reporting templates as well as accounting and valuation policies. These systems are continuously updated.

We have introduced a whistleblowing system that makes it easy for anyone to share information about disparities which violate laws, ethics, morals or Catena's policies. In addition to our own routines and policies, 


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions regarding corporate governance.