Catena works with a long-term perspective for a sustainable society and has established a green framework for financing. The framework is based on the Green Bond Principles and has been reviewed by the independent climate and environmental research institute Cicero. The framework has been rated Cicero Medium Green.

Press releases

2024-04-19 Catena publishes updated green framework.

2021-05-31 Catena AB publishes prospectus for MTN programme of SEK 5 billion and launches green framework 


2024-04-19 Green Finance Framework
2024-04-19 Second opinion, S&P Global

2021-05-31 Green Finance Framework 
2021-05-31 Second opinion, Cicerio 

Investor Report 

2024-03-26 Investor Report
2023-03-28 Investor Report
2022-03-29 Investor Report