Companies and needs change over time. As a tenant of Catena, you can be sure that we do everything to ensure that your facilities fully support your business objectives. By constantly being at the forefront and challenging, we continuously improve our properties.

Catena also has broad expertise in logistics and properties and can act as a facilitator in collaboration with a network of specialists in areas such as security functions, IT control systems, handling equipment and fully automated solutions to optimize the functions of our properties.

Sustainable properties

Sustainable properties are a priority for Catena. Together with our customers and suppliers, we strive to accelerate the transition and deliver properties that are sustainable in the long term. For Catena, it is important to work with sustainability in all our facilities, both new and existing.

Some areas where properties have a significant environmental impact is electricity consumption, heat usage, biodiversity, choice of building materials when remodelling and waste management. We have clear overall sustainability objectives and business goals in these areas that we carefully monitor and evaluate annually. Our efforts over time can have a major impact.

The strength of a large property portfolio

The strength of our extensive property portfolio gives us the flexibility to adapt spaces according to our tenants' development needs, an advantage that our tenants really appreciate.

Would you be interested in optimizing an existing property?

Discuss further possibilites with your contact person at Catena.