Our behaviour reflects who we are - as a market-leading company, we have a responsibility to act responsibly and ethically. Everyone who works at Catena represents the company and is an important piece of the puzzle in how we are perceived. The starting point is our core values and our Code of Conduct.


Trust is our most important asset

Responsible corporate governance inspires trust. In our operations, everything we do must be permeated by reflection and responsible decisions must be justifiable from both a financial and ethical perspective. We do not tolerate any form of corruption. High ethics, morals and integrity are a matter of course for us at Catena.

We have introduced a whistleblowing system that makes it easier for people to report misconduct that violates laws, ethics, morals or policies. 

To make it easier for those who want to provide information about misconduct that is against current legislation, ethics, morals or Catena's policies, we have set up a whistleblower service.

We contribute to a sustainable future

At Catena, it is a matter of course to include the sustainability perspective in everything we do, in every project and in every detail. One of our goals is to exert a positive influence on our stakeholders and our environment by participating in the development of society.

A healthy workplace

Catena is an exciting and responsible company that strives to be an attractive employer for committed and skilled employees, both new and existing. To continue to develop as a workplace, we continuously measure how we are perceived as an employer. 

It is clear to us that all people have equal value and the same rights - regardless of age, gender, transgender identity, ethnicity, religion, disability or sexual orientation. We strive for diversity and equal gender distribution. We see this as a prerequisite for being effective and professional over time, but also for continuing to be attractive as an employer. We have more to do, but have, for example, reached 57 percent women in our senior management

Catena works actively with training and skills development for our employees. The aim is both to create a work environmentwhere our employees feel that they are developing in their work and that we continue to develop as a company.