Sustainability is a natural part of our business and employees in all business areas take sustainability aspects into account in their daily work. All new employees undergo internal sustainability training. Ongoing dialog and updates on sustainability work take place via staff meetings, digital breakfast trainings and employee days. In addition, all employees are aware of and work according to current policies.

On September 28, 2021, Catena published updated sustainability targets. You can also read more about our sustainability work in our latest Sustainability Report and our Sustainability Policy.


The Board has adopted a number of important policies and basic guidelines that are important for internal control programmes. Read more in our latest Corporate Governance Report.

We have also introduced a whistleblower service that makes it easier for anyone to share information about disparities which violate laws, ethics, morals or Catena's policies. In addition to our own routines and policies, Catena also works on the basis of various memberships, frameworks and certification programs.

Read more about our sustainability approach in our Sustainability Report 2022. 

Organizational structure

Catena's sustainability team ensures that we meet social and environmental requirements by collaborating with different departments internally. The sustainability team reports to the Head of Business Support, but also to the rest of the management team during regular meetings. Catena's management team makes strategic decisions regarding economic, social and environmental issues. Catena's Board of Directors are ultimately responsible.