Sustainable logistics in focus

The ambition to be the leading logistics property company is reflected in Catena's strategic efforts to integrate sustainability into all parts of the organisation. Catena is addressing all areas where we can act more sustainably, whether it is our properties, society or role as an employer. We want to change the perception of what a logistics property is and the benefits it provides - for the handling of goods and products, for those who work in it, for the surrounding environment, for future energy supply and for our society as a whole.

A responsible company must constantly develop its operations to remain competitive and attractive. In recent years, Catena has accelerated the transition through a broader understanding of how we can be a company that works together with our stakeholders for a more sustainable society. 

Catena operates in a context that has a significant impact on the environment and society. The property and construction sector accounts for a large proportion of global greenhouse gas emissions and we need to take responsibility for this. With well thought-out strategies and a long-term approach, we believe that we can benefit economic, social and environmental values. Our sustainability work is based on a comprehensive analysis of our operations, where we have analysed where we have the greatest impact and what we need to do to reduce it.

This analysis is based, among other things, on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the ten principles of the Global Compact and our stakeholders' expectations of us. You can read more about our materiality assessment in our annual report.

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Our sustainability work

Read more about our work for sustainability in our latest Sustainability Report.

Downlaod our Sustainability Report 2023

Vision 45, Catena at COP27

By developing more sustainable solutions, Catena wants to have a positive impact on both stakeholders and the environment.

Are you a tenant at Catena and want information about the property related to CSRD or the EU taxonomy?

The majority of Catena's buildings fulfil the requirements of the EU Green Taxonomy. Information you may need for your CSRD reporting is available for all our properties. For more information, please contact your Catena contact person.

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Our customers and stakeholders should feel secure in what we deliver.

In addition to our own procedures and policies, Catena works with international frameworks and certification programs and is a member of various organizations.

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  • Hus
    41% environmentally certified surface, % of total area
  • Solceller
    13,697 kWp peak power of photovaltaic cells

Do you want to talk about sustainability with us?

We are happy to tell you more about how we work to create environmentally efficient properties and contributes to sustainable social progress with more smart logistics solutions.