Svensk Fastighetsfinansiering AB (SFF) is a financial company that issues bonds on the Swedish capital market through a secured MTN programme of SEK 12 billion (12,000,000,000). SFF, is owned, in equal parts by Catena AB, Diös Fastigheter ABFabege ABPlatzer Fastigheter Holding AB and Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB. The purpose of the programme is, in part, to spread the refinancing risk for the owners and to reduce dependency on individual creditors and, in part, to offer investors in the bond market the opportunity to invest in a diversified and high-quality property portfolio.

SFF is managed and administered by Hansan AB. Its assignment includes expediting SFF’s asset management, administration and accounting. Hansan is also responsible for information issued to the market, stakeholders, investors and owners, as well as for publishing press releases and financial reports.

February 13, 2020, Nordic Credit Rating (NCR) rated SFF grade BBB +, corresponding to investment grade. The strong rating is based on the high-quality and diversified property portfolio that SFF is financing, strict financial commitments, liquidity portfolio and the company's strong base of owners.

The program in brief

Issuer: Svensk FastighetsFinansiering AB
Established: 2015
Updated: 2020
Framework amount: TWELVE BILLION SWEDISH KRONOR (SEK 12,000,000,000)
Maturity: 1 – 10 years
Denominations: Nominally SEK 1,000,000
Lead Bank: Swedbank AB (publ)
Issuing Institutions: Swedbank AB (publ), Nordea Bank ABSkandinaviska Enskilda banken ABDanske Bank A/SHandelsbanken AB
Listing: Nasdaq Stockholm
Registration: Through Euroclear Sweden AB

For purchases of bonds please contact

Swedbank Markets, tel +46 8 700 99 85
Nordea Bank, tel +46 10 156 93 63
SEB Credit sales, tel +46 8 506 232 35
Danske Bank Markets, tel +46 8 568 805 77
Handelsbanken Markets, tel +46 8 463 45 77