AI and machine learning open up opportunities to analyze data and automate processes through powerful algorithms. This creates a completely new platform for how a company manages flows of goods.

Catena is a discussion partner and facilitator for collaboration between different competencies in logistics to achieve the best solution for the customer. Automation solutions are common in our facilities. When robotic picking or automated transportation within the property becomes more common as added services, Catena can assist through close collaboration and established relationships.

What happens in a automated warehouse?

In automated warehouses, goods are picked using robotic solutions. Warehouse staff function more as maintenance staff and to ensure the processes of the business. Safety risks are reduced when automation handles dangerous and repetitive tasks.

In addition, a fully or partially automated warehouse provides higher space utilization and enables efficient handling with a fast throughput of orders in the system.


Boozt and Nelly are examples of companies operating in Catena's automated warehouses.

High ambitions with automation

As the need for new logistics locations increases, more innovative solutions are needed. One option for a more efficient use of land is to build higher facilities. High-bay warehouses are an excellent solution for automated flows.

Future-proofed warehouses

Our ambition is net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, which places demands on the construction process when a new distribution warehouse is to be built. We are also working to ensure that 100 percent of Catena's leasable space is environmentally certified and that the entire portfolio is net positive in terms of biodiversity.

Do you want to know more about our different types of properties?

Our specialised focus on logistics properties may seem narrow, but it means that we amass invaluable expertise and can instead assume a broad and long-term responsibility. This responsibility ranges from new production to customer-oriented day-to-day property management. Please feel free to contact us.