Having a skilled, efficient property management organisation in place in the regions ensures good relations with customers, but also with the local business community and society in general.

Property management is adapted to the geographical location of the properties within four regions – Sweden South, Sweden West, Sweden East and Denmark. Catena develops and owns properties with a long-term approach. We strive to maintain a good quality in terms of functionality, sustainability and customer well-being. 

Efficiency and maintenance

Catena's properties are continuously improved. Tenants should rest assured that the property will be kept in good condition and that the property is supervised as part of the package.

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We have an eternal horizon with which we view our properties and our tenant relationships alike. We shape the future together with our customers.
Jörgen Eriksson, CEO Catena

These are not just empty words

Customer-focused property management creates the right conditions for our property portfolio. By always staying one step ahead and challenging customers with regard to existing and new needs, Catena helps our customers to achieve their business objectives. A genuine commitment and long-term relationships are what marks Catena out.

Always exceeding their expectations and assuming responsibility over time are success factors. We can show a number of cases where we adapt and develop our properties together with our tenants.