Logistics position Ramlösa 

Catena's ambition for the new Logistics Position Ramlösa in Helsingborg is for the area to be developed sustainably, used efficiently and designed in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Creating attractive workplaces and an area that is appreciated by visitors is central.

The construction of three logistics facilities has started

The new facilities are being built by Catena on the properties Vevaxeln 1 and Vipparmen 1. Catena and Nowaste Logistics were awarded land allocation 2021 for the properties after a land allocation competition initiated by the City of Helsingborg. A letter of intent has been signed with the tenant Nowaste Logistics to lease all areas.

Press release 16 June 2023.

We set the standard for the logistics propterties of the future

The three facilities we are building on the site include a high bay warehouse section. It will reach a high standard in terms of sustainable solutions and our goal is to achieve BREEAM Excellent environmental certification and NollCO2 certification. Catena works with certification as a tool to ensure robust and resilient buildings.

The project is the first in Sweden to be registered according to BREEAM's new manual in v.6.0 which aligns with the EU taxonomy regulation for new construction. The buildings will house innovative solutions for water saving and energy - where a major solar cell expansion in combination with battery storage is an important part. The aim is to reduce the negative climate impact of new construction, for example by using ECO concrete. We also want to preserve and promote biodiversity in the area as much as possible with well-planned green spaces.

Årets Logistiketablering 2023

Logistics establishment of the year

Logistikposition Ramlösa was named logistics establishment of the year 2023 by Intelligent Logistik. We share the award with Nowaste Logistics and the City of Helsingborg.


Land area: 154,000 sqm
Area: Logistics position Ramlösa
Municipality: Helsingborg
Status: Construction in progress

Perfect location

The Helsingborg region has long been a recognised logistics location with excellent transport links and proximity to population centres in Öresund and Europe. The current area of land comprises approximately 154,000 sqm next to the E6 motorway, on a level with Ramlösa in Helsingborg, and is considered one of the best locations in the region.


We continue to grow with Nowaste Logistics

Nowaste Logistics is one of the industry’s most progressive and fast-growing logistics companies with a focus on handling-intensive logistics.

Not far from Logistics Position Ramlösa is Catena’s Logistics Position Tostarp, where Nowaste Logistics is the largest tenant with three facilities. 2023, it was announced that Catena is also building a new logistics facility for Nowaste Logistics in Jönköping. 

Are you interested in establishing operations here?

You are welcome to contact us to discuss opportunities in the region in greater detail.