The position as a leading property company within logistics is a result of the capacity that exists throughout the organization, the ability to be by the customer's side and develop together with them.

Our obligations in everyday work

Our starting point is always our shared core values and our Code of Conduct. They guides us on how we should act in everyday life and interact with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. We have a structure for sustainability governance, but everyone also has a joint responsibility to act ethically in everyday life and to run the business responsibly and sustainably at all levels.

Being fully transparent about our work and sustainability performance is a matter of course for us and part of our responsibility.

Long-term responsibility for the environment and society

There is a strong drive within Catena to contribute to the development of a more sustainable logistics network and take long-term responsibility for the environment and society in all respects. The foundation of Catena's business concept is to develop and manage efficient logistics facilities in a sustainable manner and through cooperation.

We have clearly stated growth ambition. At the same time, we are well aware that we operate in an industry that undeniably has a major impact on society and the environment. In 2021, we updated our sustainability goals so that we can be an even greater part of the ongoing transition. Achieving our sustainability goals involves extensive work for us, and in some areas we are not entirely clear about the approach. We choose not to let this hinder our ambitions - instead, it is an important part of the process going forward for us.