Optimise the conditions for success with the right warehouse space – in the right building and in the right location

Is your company in need of more modern warehouse and logistics space in order to grow? Or are you starting a new business that requires scalable warehouse solutions? The choice of logistics warehouse for handling and distributing goods is key to being competitive in a market that demands an ever faster supply chain. 

We’re happy to share our knowledge on how the right choice of logistics facility can optimize logistics, reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction and help achieve sustainability goals. Here we offer some useful advice in the form of ten points to consider before choosing your warehouse and logistics solution.

Check list – how to find the right warehouse and logistics property

1. Location

One of the most important criteria when choosing logistics facility or warehouse is ensuring it is strategically situated – i.e. the location. The right facility is accessible, offering rapid access to transport routes and the main transport hubs – airports, ports and motorways – for delivering and distributing your goods. In addition, to minimize transport distances, the facility should be centrally located in relation to your target groups and suppliers.

2. Size and capacity

How big does the facility need to be? What are your needs regarding the distribution of warehouse and logistics space in the premises? Choose a facility that is properly adapted to current volumes and flows, but allow for growth – and dreams of the future!

3. Technology, equipment and function

Modern technology and advanced equipment allow you to manage your supply chain more efficiently. What are your needs in terms of inventory, stock management and automated materials handling systems? Does the facility need to be adapted in any way to the goods to be handled there? There are several different possibilities and the solutions can make a big difference.

4. Costs

It is obvious that costs are an important factor to consider when choosing a warehouse. The facility should be cost-effective and offer competitive solutions in line with your budget and financial targets.

5. Energy efficiency

What solutions are available locally to supply energy to the property and/or for transport operations using intelligent and sustainable energy sources, such as solar cells and geothermal energy?

6. Climate-proofing

What measures does the property owner already have in place in terms of mitigating the impact of climate change? Are outdoor spaces in and around the property used intelligently to benefit biodiversity and ensure resilience to extreme weather?

7. Flexibility

A warehouse and logistics facility should be flexibly designed so it can meet future business needs. The premises must be suitable for different types of products and be adaptable to changing requirements, wishes and circumstances.

8. Security

The warehouse must be secure and protect the products stored and handled there from both damage and theft. How theft-prone are the products to be handled on the premises and what security solutions are required, such as surveillance cameras, security personnel and access control systems?

9. Property management

How do you want the day-to-day management to work once you are on site? What kind of contact, availability and presence is needed? And what skills is the property owner expected to have?

10. Employer brand – attractiveness

How well does the warehouse/logistics facility meet your company’s need to be an attractive employer? Efficient and advanced technology, a healthy working environment and long-term sustainability efforts are factors that can make a big difference.

About Catena

Catena develops and manages efficient logistics facilities that supply metropolitan regions in Scandinavia. Through a long-term approach, collaboration and an intense focus on sustainability, we link together Scandinavia’s goods flows. Our network of properties includes terminals for immediate transshipment, logistics warehouses for storage, distribution centres, various types of multipurpose warehouse and properties for city centre logistics. Our properties are flexible and adaptable parts of a complex and changing ecosystem.

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These were ten tips on choosing a warehouse and logistics solution that matches your needs, circumstances and goals. We at Catena would be happy to help you find the right logistics property for your business. You’re welcome to get in touch!